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Offer of the week – GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

This week save 10% on GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag. Until Sunday 21st July, this cute little soft toy costs just £7.16.

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

The GUNDimals range of soft toys and beanbags are realistic looking animal soft toys. The beanbags are quite small and retail for £7.95, the large plush animals cost £13.90. Other animals in the range include owls, penguins, frogs and bunnies, which are available in both sizes. At the time of writing available in the beanbags we have an elephant and ginger cat, while in the larger plush we have a dolphin, donkey, horse, monkey, whale and zebra.

Other GUNDimals are available on

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Offer of the week – Nici Jolly Lucy 25cm

Each and every week, starting on a Monday, one of our soft toys or teddy bears gets a 10% discount in our offer of the week.

This week save 10% on Nici Jolly Lucy 25cm. Until Sunday 14th July, she costs just £9.81.

Nici Jolly Lucy 25cm

Nici Jolly Lucy 25cm

Part of the Nici Jolly Mäh range, 25cm Jolly Lucy is a cuddly black sheep soft toy. She wears a grey dress with pink leg warmers and pink cherry clips in her hair.

If 25cm is too small for you, Jolly Lucy 35cm is available for £12.90.

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Nici Donkey

The Nici Donkey soft toy and accessories were added to their collection in June 2013 and forms it’s own range (rather than an addition to the Wild Friends or Forest Friends ranges, for example). The dangling plush soft toy is stocked by Delves Wood Bears in 25cm, 35cm and 50cm sizes, with the 80cm size available by special order (subject to availability).

Nici Donkey

Nici Donkey

The Nici Donkey is made from super soft grey and white plush with a black mane and tail end.

The range also includes a 15cm dangling donkey, 20cm and 30cm lying donkeys. Much like many of the Nici ranges you can also buy a whole host of accessories, such as wallet, pencil case, mug, magnici and keyring. There are also two shapes of cushions.

If you don’t see the donkey that you want at, have a look on or other Nici stockists.

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to our new blog!

After years of hosting our blog on Posterous we have a new blog. We used Posterous, as it could autopost to Facebook, Twitter and other blogs. This let us write once, and it automatically linked out to social sites. Since that service, has been terminated, we’ve been in a bit of limbo. What should we do, but no more. We’ve now got our own new blog right here at, which sits nicely next to our online shop at

So, over the next weeks and months, you’ll find details of new products, stories, offers and newsletters all in one place. To whet your appetite, expect to see some information about new Gund teddy bears and Nici soft toys, as we’ve just received the new Nici Donkey (plus more exciting new lines have been ordered) and soon it’s the Home & Gift Fair at Harrogate, where we’ll see new soft toys too.

While we wanted to get the blog up and running (so our newsletter can be viewed online), the theme is obviously lacking. So, please bear with us, while we get the theme sorted. But at the end of the day it’s the content on these pages that’s important right?

To welcome you to our blog, we’re offering a 10% discount on our website. Simply enter coupon BLOG10 during checkout (don’t forget to click the ‘Update’ button). The coupon is valid once per customer and excludes ‘Sale’ products.

[Update 2nd July 14:06] We’ve just added some of our old back posts.
[Update 2nd July 19:56] We’ve just added some of our old newsletters.

New Nici Wild Friends roar into Delves Wood Bears

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If you’re not familiar with Nici soft toys, they’re made from high quality plush and offer a great variety of sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Delves Wood Bears stocks the 25cm, 35cm and 50cm sizes in all four animals. They’re also available in the larger sizes of 80cm and 120cm. Currently we only have 80cm Lion in stock. We could well add these at a later date, but in the meantime, we are able to order in any of the other size/animal combinations – just send us an email or give us a call.

Other characteristics of Nici soft toys are their dangling legs and belly buttons (even on animals that don’t have them – but that just makes them cute).

A new feature of the 35cm versions (of Leopard, Lion and Tiger) is that they roar! (What sound does a Giraffe make?) If you press their tummies, you’ll hear them roar…grrrr! Listen here: [youtube]

Offer of the Week

This week’s great offer of the week, is also from Nici. You can save 10% on this 30cm brown standing horse, this week – just £12.51.

Air Puppy

We’ve just received our first Wild Beach mouse from Air Puppy. Meet Squizzel Mouse! Squizzel is the smallest of the three Wild Beach mice. Quirky, quizzical and slightly eccentric, the mice of Wild Beach ooze Celtic charm with their check tweed lined ears, tummy patches and soles of the feet. A longer-haired fabric called alepine is used for the body. The snout and tummy are made of soft boa. With his inquisitive eyes and extra long whiskers, Squizzel Mouse is sure to raise a smile.

Next week, we’ll have details of new Gund Teddy Bears and some very cool new Gund Dragons. Until then…