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A new brand to Delves Wood Bears: Air Puppy

Delves Wood Bears is delighted to introduce the first lines of our newest brand: Air Puppy



Above are the Oatmeal Dangle Bears. Left to right there’s Hamilton, Pudge and Murphy, which are available now. The big one that they’re sitting on is Moose, which will be available later in the year. Hamilton is the largest of these three at 58cm (23″), Pudge is the smallest at 38cm (15″) and Murphy sits in the middles at 48cm (19″). They have long dangling arms and legs and large fat tummies. Moose is a massive 122cm (48″) bear. 



From Air Puppy’s Biscuit Park range, meet McDougall, Taffle and Puddles. These lovely puppies are so cute and soft. They have flat undersides, that allow their legs to dangle out to the front of their bodies. They all have removable scarves. 

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