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£6.66 the price of Gund Barb Beaver

£6.66 the price of Gund Barb Beaver (to the tune of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast?), with our offer of the week.

Gund Barb Beaver

Gund Barb Beaver

Part of the Scoops range from Gund, Barb Beaver is a cute brown plush beaver soft toy. She lies on her tummy with her legs spread out and face turned upwards. A great soft toy, at a great price (even before our offer of the week price). Whether you’re looking for something different (or even a cheeky gift), Gund Barb Beaver is sure to be a hit.

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Offer of the week – GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

This week save 10% on GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag. Until Sunday 21st July, this cute little soft toy costs just £7.16.

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

The GUNDimals range of soft toys and beanbags are realistic looking animal soft toys. The beanbags are quite small and retail for £7.95, the large plush animals cost £13.90. Other animals in the range include owls, penguins, frogs and bunnies, which are available in both sizes. At the time of writing available in the beanbags we have an elephant and ginger cat, while in the larger plush we have a dolphin, donkey, horse, monkey, whale and zebra.

Other GUNDimals are available on

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Gund Philbin Chocolate Jumbo

Happy New Year!We’re delighted to announce that Gund have introduced a jumbo (29″/73.5cm) version of our top selling Philbin Chocolate. His sitting height is 20″/51cm, because of the way he flops. Massively adorable!


Gund Philbin Chocolate Jumbo

Gund Philbin Chocolate Jumbo

Gund Philbin Chocolate (Jumbo) has an SRP, but we’ve got an introductory discount of 10% – so for a short while, at least, you can get him for £85.50.


We’ve also just taken delivery of our first Valentine’s day product. Meet this lovely dog:


Kisses (Large), is made from beautifully soft light brown plush, with velvety soft brown paw pads and a red velvet heart hanging from his mouth. A great way to send hugs and kisses to the one you love this Valentine’s day. Even better for just £1.50 we can wrap him in one of lovely gift bags.

Gund Kisses (Large)

Gund Kisses (Large)

Gund are releasing more new Valentine’s gifts later this month, so if you see one you fancy elsewhere that we do not have, please let us know and we’ll see if we can get it for you.


There are many more new teddies and soft toys coming soon, so expect to see lots of exciting new products on the website over the coming months.


Until next time…

Gund Christmas Boo

Boo has taken the world by storm amassing over 5.5 million Facebook followers. Early this year, GUND brought out a plush version of everyone’s favourite Pomeranian. Around August, they brought out Itty Bitty Boos, that were dressed in miniature costumes.

For Christmas, GUND have brought out a Christmas Boo. For UK lovers of Boo, there’s just one problem – this soft toy is not available to UK retailers. Fortunately Kiddie Collection USA, Inc. are selling them on the Amazon UK Market Place.

GUND Christmas Boo

Introducing Uglydolls, Nici Orangutans and Gund Zi Bo Pandas

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In the Uglydoll universe, “ugly” means unique and different and each Uglydoll has their own story to tell. Uglydolls are the creation of Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, based on the doodles David drew at the end of love letters to Sun-Min. Here are just a selection of 3 from the range of Classic Uglydolls: Gragon, Ice-bat and OX.

This week, we have also taken stock of the new Nici Wild Friends range of Orangutans. The “big” Orangutan is available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm and 80cm sizes, while the Orangutan Baby is available in 25cm, 35cm and 50cm sizes. There is also an accompanying Snake, available in 85cm and 100cm lengths (25cm and 35cm diameters respectively). We also have a lovely Orangutan Cushion, which features the parent Orangutan hugging it’s baby.

This week we have also received the new Gund Zi Bo Panda (Small) and Gund Zi Bo Panda (Large).

Until next week, when I’ll be bringing you details of a new brand to Delves Wood Bears, have a great weekend and if you’re watching the Olympics, enjoy.