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New Nici at Delves Wood Bears

This week, we’ve got a whole boat load of new Nici soft toys to tell you about.

In stock now
We’ve just taken delivery of a marvellous new soft toy from Nici. His name is Bud and he’s part of the Forest Friends range. Meet Bud Badger and he’s available in four size (25cm, 35cm, 50cm and 80cm).

Landogar is a 20cm red dragon. This standing version is also available in 30cm size:

Dracon is a dark grey dragon. We’ve just received the 20cm size, but he’s also available in 30cm and 50cm sizes.

As the weather turns a little chilly, why not keep warm with this adorable Caramel Teddy Bear Hot Water Bottle.

Nici White World Coming Soon – Available to Pre-order now!
The Nici White World range includes dangling polar bears, lying seals and lying polar bears. In addition there’s a totally adorable polar bear & seal couple, polar bear hot water bottle, seal hot water bottle and polar bear money bank. The dangling Nici polar bears are available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, 80cm and 120cm sizes.

The lying Nici seals are available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm and 80cm sizes.

The lying polar bears are available in 20cm, 30cm and 50cm sizes.

Nici Monsters Coming Soon – Available to Pre-order now!
Meet Oops (brown), Hah (purple) and Uih (pink), the new Nici Monsters – a range of monstrous, yet cute soft toys. They’re available in 25cm and 35cm sizes.

Nici Good Morning Buddy – Available to Pre-order now!
Buddy is a cuddly dalmatian soft toy with a twist. He has an alarm clock on his tummy. When the alarm sounds he plays the well-known song “Who let the dogs out?”, wiggles his ears and does some cool moves to the rhythm of the music. Wake up with style with Good Morning Buddy!

That’s a whole lot of new Nici!

Until next time…

A new brand to Delves Wood Bears: Air Puppy

Delves Wood Bears is delighted to introduce the first lines of our newest brand: Air Puppy



Above are the Oatmeal Dangle Bears. Left to right there’s Hamilton, Pudge and Murphy, which are available now. The big one that they’re sitting on is Moose, which will be available later in the year. Hamilton is the largest of these three at 58cm (23″), Pudge is the smallest at 38cm (15″) and Murphy sits in the middles at 48cm (19″). They have long dangling arms and legs and large fat tummies. Moose is a massive 122cm (48″) bear. 



From Air Puppy’s Biscuit Park range, meet McDougall, Taffle and Puddles. These lovely puppies are so cute and soft. They have flat undersides, that allow their legs to dangle out to the front of their bodies. They all have removable scarves. 

Until next time…

Introducing Uglydolls, Nici Orangutans and Gund Zi Bo Pandas

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In the Uglydoll universe, “ugly” means unique and different and each Uglydoll has their own story to tell. Uglydolls are the creation of Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath, based on the doodles David drew at the end of love letters to Sun-Min. Here are just a selection of 3 from the range of Classic Uglydolls: Gragon, Ice-bat and OX.

This week, we have also taken stock of the new Nici Wild Friends range of Orangutans. The “big” Orangutan is available in 25cm, 35cm, 50cm and 80cm sizes, while the Orangutan Baby is available in 25cm, 35cm and 50cm sizes. There is also an accompanying Snake, available in 85cm and 100cm lengths (25cm and 35cm diameters respectively). We also have a lovely Orangutan Cushion, which features the parent Orangutan hugging it’s baby.

This week we have also received the new Gund Zi Bo Panda (Small) and Gund Zi Bo Panda (Large).

Until next week, when I’ll be bringing you details of a new brand to Delves Wood Bears, have a great weekend and if you’re watching the Olympics, enjoy.