New Nici Dragons for 2013

The new Nici Dragons have arrived from Magmamia. Following on from the success of the three dragon brothers from Dragonia (Dracon, Landogar and Iwan), we can now introduce you to the three new Nici dragons.

Firstly there’s Thorke the Green. He’s, er, well…green, with dark grey horns and wings. While Dracon and Landogar were available two styles, which Nici describes as ‘dangling’ (their classic style) and ‘standing’ (lacking floppy legs to create a more vertical ‘standing’ soft toy), Thorke is available in ‘standing’ and ‘sitting’ postures. What you may find confusing is that Thorke’s ‘sitting’ posture is the same as Dracon and Landogar’s ‘standing’ posture, where he ‘sits’ on his hind legs. In the ‘standing’ version, Thorke ‘stands’ on all fours. Time for some product images for you to see what we mean:

So, these new standing soft toys are (effectively) replacing the dangling styles. Not surprising the old standing (new sitting) styles were more popular.

The next of the new Nici Dragons to introduce you to is Arock the Volcano Dragon. Arock is orange with red horns and wings.

Nici Arock 'Sitting' Dragon

Nici Arock ‘Sitting’ Dragon

Nici Arock 'Standing' Dragon

Nici Arock ‘Standing’ Dragon

Both Thorke (green dragon) and Arock (orange dragon) are available in the following sitting sizes (heights): 20cm, 30cm and 50cm (in stock); 80cm and 120cm (special order – delivered direct from Great Gizmos – the UK distributor of Nici – via UPS); there also some massive 160cm soft toys (again special order), but these are in very short supply. The standing sizes (lengths) are: 30cm, 45cm and 60cm (in stock).

We may have just saved the best until last! Introducing Twindrak, a blue double headed dragon:

Nici Twindrak Double Headed Dragon

Nici Twindrak Double Headed Dragon

Have you ever seen such a cool dragon as Twindrak? Twindrak is available in 3 (stocked) sizes: 40cm, 50cm and 60cm lengths. There is also a massive 180cm version, of which there are only a few available, but can be specially ordered for you.

All these new Nici Dragons are available with an introductory discount of at least 10% off the SRP. With free UK delivery too, you are sure to be getting a great deal when you buy from Delves Wood Bears.

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