Nici Monkey & Elephant Soft Toys

In the final part of the series on Nici Soft Toys, I’ll take a look at a couple of new animal ranges that are due to become available in August.

First off there’s an absolutely gorgeous elephant soft toy:

Nici Elephant Soft Toys

Nici Elephant Soft Toys

Then there’s this very cute monkey:

Nici Monkey Soft Toys

Nici Monkey Soft Toys

Both the monkey and elephant will be available as a plush toy in the standard four Nici sizes (15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm), bean bag keyring, MagNici, purse/wallets, mobile phone bags and pencil cases. The elephant range will also include a money bank.

If you’ve missed any of the series, jump straight there using the links below:

4 thoughts on “Nici Monkey & Elephant Soft Toys

    1. Nici Soft Toys @

      The last I heard from the UK distributor of Nici, was that the Elephant (and Monkey?) was a “test” product, and that it was not guaranteed to be put into production. ;-)

      However, when I said, that would be a shame, as it’s absolutely awesome (it’s so full of character – one of the best elephant soft toys I’ve seen), the reply I got was that “someone else had ‘just’ said the same thing”. So, fingers crossed!!

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