Nici Wild Friends: Crocodile & Rhino

Twice a year, Nici add new soft toys to their Nici Wild Friends range. Earlier this year, we said ‘hello’ to a Giraffe, Leopard, Lion and Tiger. Now we meet Burt the Rhino and Terence the Crocodile. Burt and Terence are best friends. The two good-natured vagabonds always get into trouble. But they are as thick as thieves and save each other’s neck time and again. Terence is a golden boy, a real rascal in every respect, but with his congeniality and intelligence he manages to twist everyone he meets around his little finger. Burt, who is usually relaxed and indulgent, is nevertheless capable of exploding and then tends to beat his head against a stone wall.

Burt the Rhino is available as a dangling soft toy only, while Terence the Crocodile comes in dangling and lying form:

Nici Wild Friends Terence Crocodile Dangling

Nici Terence Crocodile Dangling

Nici Wild Friends Burt Rhino

Nici Burt Rhino

Nici Wild Friends Terence Crocodile Lying

Nici Terence Crocodile Lying

Burt is made from the same plush as the very popular Chumba Elephant and is available from Delves Wood Bears in sizes: 25cm, 35cm and 50cm (from stock); 80cm and 120cm (special order). Terence is available in dangling sizes: 25cm and 35cm (from stock); 50cm available to pre-order until the end of August; 80cm is again special order. The lying sizes are 20cm, 30cm and 50cm and are all available from stock. All are available with an introductory discount of at least 5% off the SRP.

Other Nici Wild Friends accessories, including cushions, slippers and mugs are available on (affiliate link):

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