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£6.66 the price of Gund Barb Beaver

£6.66 the price of Gund Barb Beaver (to the tune of Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast?), with our offer of the week.

Gund Barb Beaver

Gund Barb Beaver

Part of the Scoops range from Gund, Barb Beaver is a cute brown plush beaver soft toy. She lies on her tummy with her legs spread out and face turned upwards. A great soft toy, at a great price (even before our offer of the week price). Whether you’re looking for something different (or even a cheeky gift), Gund Barb Beaver is sure to be a hit.

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Offer of the week – GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

This week save 10% on GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag. Until Sunday 21st July, this cute little soft toy costs just £7.16.

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

GUNDimals Giraffe Beanbag

The GUNDimals range of soft toys and beanbags are realistic looking animal soft toys. The beanbags are quite small and retail for £7.95, the large plush animals cost £13.90. Other animals in the range include owls, penguins, frogs and bunnies, which are available in both sizes. At the time of writing available in the beanbags we have an elephant and ginger cat, while in the larger plush we have a dolphin, donkey, horse, monkey, whale and zebra.

Other GUNDimals are available on Amazon.co.uk:

Next week we’ll have another offer for you. Be sure to check back on our blog, Facebook or Twitter (with hashtag #offeroftheweek).

Gund Fuzzy Soft Toys

In 2011 Gund introduced a new teddy bear called Fuzzy. He was available in two colours – a lovely chocolate, and a nice toffee colour (officially titled beige!?!) They have long floppy arms and legs, a thick wooly plush and a cute offset smile.

In 2012 they have added 6 new Fuzzy soft toys: a bunny, cat, dog, frog, monkey and pig.

While they don’t have the cute smile, there are also three new Sesame Street soft toys, called Take Alongs. There’s an Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. They have the same kind of plush fur, and long floppy arms and legs. The mouths are flat, black felt-like with big grins.

Spring and Easter Soft Toys

With Spring and Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d write a short post about some of the cute seasonal soft toys that are available to buy right now.

Spring means lambs and bunnies, chicks and ducks in the world of soft toys or even in some cases bizarre cross-breads!

New for 2012 from Gund are Jakey Lamb and Pippen the Fuzzy Bunny from the recently expanded Gund Fuzzy range (more about those in a future post).

Fuzzy BunnyJakey Lamb

Looking for an interactive toy, how about Nursery Time Lena? Lena recites 5 nursery rhymes to your child. Check out the video below:

Want something specifically for Easter? Your child a fan of Elmo, then how about Easter Elmo?

Easter Elmo

And for babies, where chocolate isn’t an option, there’s the very popular My First Easter Basket. It’s a little playset that features an Easter basket, a bunny with a mirror in it’s body, a lamb that crinkles and a chick that rattles.

My First Easter Basket

All the above Spring and Easter soft toys are available now at DelvesWoodBears.co.uk.

Gund Rafferty Teddy Bear

During the busy run up to Christmas, I had little time to introduce the latest Gund teddy bear. With just a month left until the Spring Fair at NEC Birmingham, where Gund will introduce their 2012 teddies and soft toys, it would be easy to miss this gorgeous new bear. Meet Rafferty

Gund Rafferty Teddy Bear

Gund Rafferty Teddy Bear

He’s a seriously cute grey bear. He’s made from lovely soft plush, with a light grey face, muzzle and rear paw pads. He’s 35.5cm from head to toe with a sitting height of 30cm. Got to love his expression!

Rafferty is available from Gund retailers like Delves Wood Bears with an SRP of £18.

Gund Aah! Dinosaur Soft Toys

Gund Tristan the T-RexGund Aah! Dinosaur Soft Toys were introduced mid-2010. The range consisted of three dinosaurs: Tristan the T-Rex, Trevor the Triceratops and, the originally named, Steggy the Stegosauraus. These dinosaur soft toys are 16″ tall (T-Rex and Triceratops) and 16″ long (Stegosaurus), making them really good sized toys for the money (RRP £16.99). Following their initial release in June, they’ve proved to be so popular that a month or so later they had completely sold out. Unfortunately, the T-Rexes have only just become available again in the UK and we’re still waiting for the Triceratops and Stegosauraus (due end of February). So there was massive disappointment in the run up to Christmas as they were not available.

Gund Trevor the Triceratops Gund Steggy the Stegosaurus

Also in this range there are smaller dinosaurs that roar when you squeeze them. Aaah! There’s also three hand puppets and three cushions, again T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus.

When they’re available you can buy them at DelvesWoodBears.co.uk. Check back soon for details about the exciting 2011 additions to the range.