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Nici Horse Club Plush Toys

In the fifth in my series on Nici soft toys, I’ll take a look at the new range – Nici Horse Club.

As with many of the soft toys already reviewed in this series, there are a number of common product types. There’s the bean bag keyring, MagNici, pencil case, purse/wallet and mobile phone bag. Each is available with a choice of white or brown horse. In addition, there are the standard 4 sizes of plush soft toys (that’s 15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm). There are also an 80cm white horse that is available on Amazon. You can also get a brown horse in this size, though the 80cm soft toys (of all ranges, just not Nici Horse Club) are not available for retailers through the UK distributor Aroma Home.

Nici Horse Club 50cm Horses (White & Brown)

Nici Horse Club 50cm Horses (White & Brown)

The 35cm and 50cm horse soft toys in white and brown are available from DelvesWoodBears.co.uk for £14.75 and £24.75 respectively.