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Compare the Meerkat Soft Toys

In the UK, price comparison website comparethemarket.com has been running a long series of adverts (going back a couple of years) involving Meerkats from Meerkovo. The “Simples” and effective adverts have been very popular, in a very competitive market.

Now they’ve introduced Simples Rewards. Buy car, van, home or pet insurance through comparethemarket.com and you can get one of six meerkat soft toys.

While this might be a nice offer, I personally, prefer the Nici Meerkats, as first written about in February on this blog (http://www.softtoys.co/2011/02/nici-meerkat-and-koala-soft-toys/).

Nici Meerkat and Koala Soft Toys

In the second part of our series on Nici plush toys, I take a look at Meerkats and Koalas.

It seems the UK has gone Meerkat crazy, thanks to a series of TV adverts for a well know comparison website. Nici offers an exceptionally cute Meerkat plush toy, in three sizes (15cm, 20cm & 30cm), bean bag keyring and MagNici (small plush toy with a magnet in each paw).

Nici Meerkats

Nici Meerkats

Like the Meerkats, Koala Joey is available in three sizes (15cm, 25cm and 35cm), as well as the bean bag keyring and MagNici. There’s also a “beauty” – a small figurine with lanyard and little bell.

Nici Koala Soft Toys

Nici Koala Soft Toys

Judging by the photo above there may even be Koala slippers on the way too!

The 20cm and 30cm Meerkats and 35cm Koala Joey are available at DelvesWoodBears.co.uk, priced at £9.75, £14.75 and £ 14.75 respectively, with free UK delivery.