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New Nici Jolly Mäh Soft Toys

In the third part of my look at Nici plush toys, I’m going to look at the latest additions to the Jolly Mah range. Jolly mah is a range of cuddly sheep (and other related animals). I especially like the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and Jolly Bob. This February sees the release of Jolly Elsa and Jolly Gustav. You’ll have to wait until July before Jolly Lucy is available.

Nici Jolly Lucy, Elsa and Gustav

Nici Jolly Lucy, Elsa and Gustav

Jolly Elsa (middle shelf) is a cute white sheep, with a butterfly in her hair. Jolly Gustav (bottom shelf) is a brown billy goat with a wicked beard and horns. It’s worth pointing out that Gustav’s horns are not as curved as the product images suggest, nor are they corduroy. But he’s still a cool soft toy. Jolly Lucy (top shelf) is the black sheep of the family, literally.

You can buy Jolly Elsa and Jolly Gustav in four sizes of plush soft toy (15cm, 25cm, 35cm and 50cm), bean bag with keyring, mobile phone bags, hot water bottles, MagNici and pencil cases. You can also get Jolly Elsa key pouches and wallets. When Jolly Lucy is available, she’ll come in the same four sizes of soft toy, bean bag keyring, MagNici, pencil case, key pouch and wallet.

If you missed the 2nd part of this series, why not catch up on Nici Meerkat and Koala soft toys.

The 35cm Jolly Elsa and Gustavs are available at DelvesWoodBears.co.uk for £14.75 and the 50cm Jolly Gustav and Elsas are available for £24.75.